4 Big Guys Lyrics – DigBar

4 Big Guys Lyrics was released on December 18, 2021, from the Album ‘DigBarGayRaps’. The song was sung by DigBar. 4 Big Guys Song Lyrics are penned by DJ Brown. The song labels are DigBar. While the song was produced by DJ Brown.

Song Credits:

Released December 18, 2021
Album DigBarGayRaps
Singer DigBar
Songwriter DJ Brown
Music DJ Brown
Label DigBar

4 Big Guys Lyrics:

Yes, sir
Four big guys and they grab on my thighs
Blow up my guts like the 4th of July
If they keep fuckin’ my butt then I might just cry
Poop and semen sprayin’ on my eyes
He lick my dick and the cum start sprayin’
Charging up my dick I’ma go super saiyan
When he cum the fuckin’ booty I don’t do much playing
Then I whispered in his ear, like hey are you stayin’
He said yeah I’m not leavin’
I guess he George Floyd, cause always leavin’
Not breathin’ he chew on my dick like a baby
That’s teathin’ I’m fuckin’ a nigga I think it’s named Steven
Hawkin f*ck him ’til he ain’t walkin’, dick stone-cold call him BBC
Austin It’s a booty massacre when I visit him in Boston
Bought him new titties I don’t care what they costin’
Bitch, hop on the dick do a split Shout out Lil Baby
My dick is as real as it gets, I’m not fuckin’
On him if he don’t have tits
I’m catchin’ his balls like my name Kyle Bitz
There’s four Big guys, they’re grabin’ on my thighs
They blow my guts like the 4th of July
If he keep fuckin’ my butt then I might cry
There’s poop and semen sprayin’ on my eyes
Yes sir, that is a fact tho, take out my dick slip it in his asshole
Swinging my dick through the air like a lasso
Painted his face like Apollo Pocasso (ugh)
But I’m not a very good artist, f*ck ’em all good ’til that
Nigga farted planted my seeds in his ass like a garden
The way I play with balls, you should call me James Harden
Yeah, DigBar is elite, there’s four big guys and I’m takin’ their meat
I eat the boy’s butt, Then I chase him with skeet
And I charge for booty, I promise DigBar Isn’t cheap
And I count dudes when I sleep, not sheep, get up in my sheets
And I’m beatin’ on my meat
We got four big guys and they grab on my thighs
And they gon’ bust on my eyes